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Birdlegs and Pauline | Teshome Gemechu - Gedeo, Ethiopia

Birdlegs and Pauline

When we are picking records for The Good Thing, one of the main criteria we are looking for is that the record needs to be something that can be played at any time, in any setting - whether you’re home alone, hosting friends, in a busy cafe or, hell, even in a slow cafe. When is doubt, reach for one from your Good Thing collection! We choose records that will hopefully become timeless additions to your collection that you continue to return to for years and not just the few weeks after unsealing. These are vibe records. Last year when Ken at Numero Group asked if I’d be interested in Birdlegs & Pauline for the subscription I knew just halfway through the opening tune that this album was easily going to meet all of our Good Thing criteria. It even has some tenor sax! Hope you enjoy this one forever and whenever.

Teshome Gemechu - Gedeo, Ethiopia

Teshome Gemechu is an amazing coffee. It is every single year, which is why we bring it back time and again. It has been so reliably good that we make room for it on our menu before we even taste it. Smallholder farmers in Gedeb bring their cherry to the Teshome Gemechu washing station where it's sorted and washed. Most of these farmers have small semi-forest lots or trees from their gardens, and bringing their coffee to this washing station offers them an opportunity to make more money for the high quality cherries they grow. In a somewhat down year for coffees from the southern part of Ethiopia, Teshome Gemechu is a reminder of why sometimes that doesn't matter. You just can't overlook the birthplace of coffee!