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Down & Out - Various Artists | Jingle Beans - Washed and Natural Ethiopia

Down & Out - Various Artists

Ah, the last record that we will be sending you in 2022. And what better way to honor the joyous holiday season than sending out a collection of sad folk songs? I know, I know. In the past we have tried to be a little more uplifting with spiritual music or some Beethoven but the timing on the delivery of these records was just too perfect. While this collection compiled by the good people at NTS is truly sad, what they have gathered is also perfectly beautiful and ought to be enjoyed no matter the time of year. So when you can’t take any more Nat King Cole, pop this one on and enjoy the winter landscape and the dreary weather that is promised to come in the near future. Merry all the holidays and Happy New Year! - Will Pratt 12/5/22

Jingle Beans - Washed and Natural Ethiopia

Behold! A coffee is born! Why if it isn’t Jingle Beans - our annual holiday blend! How ya doing, Jingle Beans? Each year around, say, early November or so, we begin the concoction process of, well, concoting this omnium gatherum that is as viciously fruity and seasonally outlandish and chirpy as we can. This year we wholeheartedly stuck with our tradition of blending two merry coffees from Ethiopia that triumphantly coalesce, if we do say so ourselves, into this blithesome interpretation of aqueous fruit cake in a cup. Now you may crack a nut and rejoice!