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When we first laid eyes on this building in East Bayside, we knew immediately we had found the perfect location to set up shop. We find it very special that we can have our cafe and roastery all under one roof(s). The whole show happens here. We designed our roasting space to be open and transparent. As a customer, you can witness the sample roasting and cupping of new coffees; see the pallets of that coffee arrive weeks later; and finally drink that coffee yourself in our cafe. That which you cannot see – all that happens at origin until the coffee reaches our roastery – we’d happily discuss with you in our café or at one of our weekly public cuppings.

In our cafe, we offer a simple, traditional menu of seasonal espresso and drip coffees, tea & pastries, and retail bags of coffee to enjoy at home. The space was designed with the intent of making it feel like you are stepping into a home, a place where strangers quickly become friends.

Tandem Cafe & Roastery

122 Anderson St.  Portland, ME, 04101

Cafe Hours

Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Free Public Cuppings Every Friday At Noon
If you find yourself in the neighborhood, stop in and learn more about our coffees.
Please contact us with any general questions or wholesale inquiries.