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Fine, we'll grind your coffee. Allow us to rephrase that. That came out wrong. What we meant was, we'll grind your coffee fine! Or coarse. Or somewhere in between! Over the summer we went away for 2 weeks and decided to grind all of our coffee beforehand on a very fancy Mahlkonig EK-43 and you know what? It was fine. It was better than fine. Even that last cup on day 14 was pretty damn good. So, in a time when so many folks are stuck making their coffee at home, we decided it was time to stop being so snobby about whole bean coffee. So what the hell—you want us to grind your coffee? No prob! We'd love to.

The simple answer is, coffee is as seasonal as any other crop! We do our best to roast seasonally available coffees as soon as we’re able, which means there’s a lot of variety and also a lot of change. If you have a question about brewing a specific coffee, please call or email us and we’d be happy to help!

Part of our coffee philosophy is recognizing that coffee, like all agricultural products, is seasonal. We roast small lots from talented growers when they’re available and buy them from year to year whenever possible. If you don’t find the specific coffee you’re looking for there’s a good chance that we can suggest a similar one or help you find something else you’ll love and will be able to look forward to next year. Give us a ring at the roastery if you’d like some suggestions.

Our coffee sourcing process places a strong emphasis on sustainable farming, harvest, and labor practices. While our coffees do not carry the Fairtrade certification, we have meticulously crafted our approach to green buying to go above and beyond Fairtrade standards. In fact, we consistently exceed the Fairtrade minimum price of $1.80 per pound for green coffee by an average of 2-3 times.

Fairtrade places a significant emphasis on fair wages for workers and environmental stewardship. These aspects can be challenging to verify, but we actively seek out these qualities during our visits to coffee producers on their farms.

Additionally, we collaborate with importers such as Caravela Coffee, Collaborative Coffee Source, and Osito Coffee, to name a few, who share our commitment to ensure that every participant in the coffee value chain, from producers and pickers to the environment, reaps the benefits of our approach, all the way to your cup!

We do not, but we know a guy! Side By Side Coffee is our exclusive catering partner serving our coffee at weddings and private events across New England. Check them out!


When you tell us that a product is a gift the recipient will receive a note based on the message you provide. If you don't leave a message the recipient will get a card with the sender's name. At this time, we do not gift wrap.

Choose your own adventure. At checkout, you'll have your pick between calculated rates via USPS and UPS. Orders over $50 ship for free.

Great freakin' question! So, this is kind of a bigger picture question that has to do with how a company chooses to cover its costs. We at Tandem prefer to be straightforward with folks and charge them a fair price for the coffee as well as the shipping (which is not free). To break it down, shipping a small 1 pound box to another address in our own town costs us over $7 plus the box, tape, label, and labor. We technically could absorb that cost by charging more for the coffee but that feels a little disingenuous.

USPS is great… most of the time. If you’re having issues with delivery try checking the “tracking history” at the bottom of the tracking page. Sometimes, the post office may have attempted delivery but could not complete it. Sometimes packages are lost to the winds of time. Let us know if you need some help by call or email and we’ll make it right!

A mail carrier may have attempted delivery and been unable to complete it. We know, it stinks. Check the tracking page and see if the Post Office might be holding for you. From there you may be able to request a re-delivery as well.

Once a package leaves our doors we don’t have the ability to control where it lands, BUT YOU DO! Supplied with your tracking number, you can call the post office and have them re-route it wherever you choose.

If that doesn’t work, get in touch with us at to help fix it!

It's in checkout, not the cart.


Once you've established a subscription account, you can log into the website and select Manage Subscription. Then select View Details. From there, you can change just about every aspect of your subscription. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing

When you signed up for a subscription you hopefully received small flurry of emails, one of which invited you to set up a subscription account. If you do not sign up for the account you will not be able to manage your subscription. We can create an account after the fact, get in touch by emailing

Nope! We try to keep it a secret just in case it's a surprise. We ask for the recipient's email address so that we can get in touch with them regarding the gift in the future.

If you need to change the address for an upcoming delivery of “The Good Thing” and it’s after the 15th of the month when the subscription recurs, let us know by email! The orders being held between payment and shipment can not be changed without our help!

If you have cancelled your recurring subscription after the 15th of the month when the payments are processed, you have already paid for this last installment and are not being charged again. If you’d prefer to not receive this last package let us know by email and we’d be happy to provide a full refund.

Rewards Program

We launched a club where you get one Venkman (what others may call points) for every one dollar you spend. Once you get a certain amount of Venkmans, you get a certain amount of money off your order. Sometimes we’ll even throw a little something extra your way too. It’s simple and good and we hope you like it. All you need is an account with us. Have one already? Just log in using those credentials and voila.

The fine print: Discounts off subscriptions and gift cards are a no-go, but all other goods like coffee, vinyl, accessories, and wearables are all fair game. For website orders only and cannot be used in-store.

Looking to sign in or sign up? The black rectangular box in the bottom left corner of your screen will do the trick. Or just head to your account page.

Currently, there are a few ways you can earn Venkmans:

- Join The Club (Earn 100 points)

- Order Stuff ($1 spent = 1 Venkman earned)

- Have a Birthday* (Earn 200 points)

- Refer a friend (get a $10 off code)

*Birthdays must be entered at least 30 days beforehand, otherwise the Venkmans will be gifted the following year.

Discounts off subscriptions and gift cards are a no-go, but all other stuff like coffee, vinyl, accessories, and wearables are fair game. For website orders only and cannot be used in-store.

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