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Steve Monite - Only You | Daniela Gutierrez - San Marcos, Costa Rica

Steve Monite - Only You

I found out about Steve Monite - just like everyone else in the world (including Frank Ocean) - from his appearance on Doing It in Lagos, a 2016 Soundway Records compilation. Doing It got a lot of play at our bakery in the last couple of years and Monite’s “Only You” was always the track that defined the whole album for me. So as a matter of course, I jumped when I saw that Soundway was releasing his long lost and forgotten 1984 record suitably titled, “Only You”. Monite seemed to have forgotten about the record as well. Having given up music after his album failed to catch on, he was surprised to find out from his nephew that he suddenly had a monster international dance hit. He looked himself up and it was true. He found a video of Frank Ocean covering “Only You” at a concert in Los Angeles. Can you imagine? Seriously, try to imagine that feeling. Monite is reinvigorated and determined to get back into the music scene. And hell, if he cuts another record, you know where to find it!

Daniela Gutierrez - San Marcos, Costa Rica

This is a coffee from Daniela Gutierrez, one of our favorite farmers from Costa Rica whose coffee we've served many times in the past. This washed lot has everything we love about this origin, especially its deep sweetness. The first few coffees we've served from her have been honey process from her farm La Montana, but this washed lot is from her other project on her farm San Luis. This all-Catuaí lot really impressed us on the cupping table back when we tasted samples, and we're excited to keep offering these sweet, sweet Costa Ricas as the weather gets downright cold!