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Young Hunting - True Believers (Aqua Blue Vinyl)


True Believers is the beautiful follow up to Young Hunting's debut record Hazel. Hazel has been in rotation at Little Tandem for years thanks to Ilya Mxx (guitar and vox) who sent me a copy soon after its release.Ilya lived on my floor freshman year of college. He lured me into his dorm room on the first day of school by blasting Nada Surf with the door open. Back then he could perfectly play all of the guitar parts on Pinkerton frommemory. It was no surprise to me when Young Hunting turned out to be amazing. - Will

Tracklist :

01. Every Living Thing Listen
02. Lawd Listen
03. Blue Dream
04. Sargasso
05. Two Worlds
06. Grace
07. Seventeen Days
08. Mother Drunk on Wine
09. Cold Dark Cloud
10. Crimes
11. Lighthouse