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The Crazy World Of Music Hall Records Vol. 1 - Various Artists


Tracklist : 

01. No Pibe
02. Esta No Es Forma De Vivir 
03. Tiki Tiki Macumba 
04. Teke Teke 
05. El Vago
06. Tembleque 
07. El Vuelo Del Moscardón 
08. El Murciélago 
09. Carnaval Carnaval 
10. En Vano 
11. Tres Mil Tambores 
12. El Baile Del Monito 
13. Es Duro Ser Estatua 
14. Me Alegra El Corazón 
15. Doña Lucía 
16. Club De Los Vampiros

From Forced Exposure : 

At last, and after much trepidation, Beat Generation present the first volume of a three-volume set presenting the finest '60s and '70s cuts from essential Argentinian label Music Hall. Finally, and thanks to the hard work of the fine folks at Instituto Nacional de la Música de Argentina (INAMU) and the amazing selection job of Nekro (Fun People and Boom Boom Kid). An amazing selection of soon to be rediscovered hits ranging from pure garage madness to exotica, soul, instrumentals, '60s beat or hard rock. 16 tracks to start discovering a catalog of incredible 60's and '70s Argentinian sounds! Features Billy Bond El Rebelde, Séptima Brigada, Biscuits, Los López, Los Crazy Boys, Las Mosquitas, Los Pick Ups, The Bat Combo, Los Dukes, Beto Fernán Y Los Atómicos, Kim Caram, Maria Cristina, The Strongs, Tiro Loco, La Barra De Chocolate, and Banana.