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Pedro Lima - Maguidala


The Good Thing - January 2021

Originally released in 1985 and reissued last summer by Bongo Joe, Maguidala entered our regular rotation for the entire second half of 2020. We quickly recognized that its rhythms, razor thin guitar playing and ethereal harmonies would make this a great winter record for the subscribers. It could be a real nice respite from what will likely be dark times, we thought back in July. Well, here I am writing this hours after the president's supporters have overrun the Capital. Dark times, indeed. So, what do we need while we are still less than half way through this god awful winter?  What we need are these uplifting equatorial tunes from Pedro Lima! Born in São Tomé and Principe in 1944 while the island was still a Portugeuese colony. He was known as the "people's voice of the island" because of his vocal support for the island nation's dependence which was established in 1975. Pedro Lima also fathered 27 children! São Tomé and Principe is famous for its coffee and mind blowingly beautiful and full of striking rock formations. Look it up! It's no surprise that the musicians making this music were surrounded by such natural beauty. Every January I try to pick an album that sets a new tone for the year - to free the mind of the past and ready to look ahead.  Hopefully this gem puts you in a good mindset to handle 2021. It's probably going to be a weird one! -Will Pratt 1/6/21

Tracklist :

  1. Maguidala
  2. Sama Nanzale
  3. Cxi Compa Sa Ca Batela
  4. Lionensi Sa Tindadji