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Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8


The Good Thing selection for February 2022

I recently shared Nala Sinephro’s Space 1.8 with my college roommate saying, “We would have done great homework to this record!” After all, we did all our best nightly studying to instrumental records from Tortoise, Brian Eno and the like, always humming in the background. My roommate, who is still in academia, responded, “I love that album and I do homework to it!” These days I’m renovating our cafe and listening to Space1.8 on repeat for hours on end. So versatile - perfect for philosophy homework and demolition! I was first made aware of this record last fall by a customer who was looking to get her hands on it. I hunted high and low but was not able to scrounge a single copy. I was intrigued! Who was this 22 year old harpist!? I started listening to the album quite a bit and made sure that one of our distributors would reserve us a tall stack should it ever get repressed. In December the record deservedly started showing up on a whole bunch of best of 2021 lists which would explain the difficulty I was having obtaining it. I’m now a little nervous that I’m behind the ball here and maybe some of our club members might already own it. Welp, here’s hoping I’m wrong and that you are just as surprised, delighted and endlessly blown away by this record as I am. -WP 1/31/22

Tracklist :

  1. Space 1
  2. Space 2
  3. Space 3
  4. Space 4
  5. Space 5
  6. Space 6
  7. Space 7
  8. Space 8