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Morphine - Good (Expanded Edition)


Tracklist :

A1 Good
A2 The Saddest Song
A3 Claire
A4 Have A Lucky Day
A5 You Speak My Language
A6 You Look Like Rain

B1 Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave
B2 Lisa
B3 The Only One
B4 Test-Tube Baby/ Shoot’m Down
B5 The Other Side
B6 I Know You (Part I)
B7 I Know You (Part II)

C1 Where’s The Sun Go [Recorded at the Outpost 10-24-90]
C2 Shame [Recorded at the Outpost 10-24-90]
C3 The Only One [Recorded live on WERS radio, 9-9-90]
C4 If You Live / Basics Son Of Sleep [Recorded 6/90, original tape labeled Basics Son Of Sleep]
C5 Work-Mom Bomb
C6 The Old Days (It’s Not Like That Anymore)

D1 Let’s Dance (Mark voice message) / Come Over [early version Christmas 1991]
D2 The Saddest Song [Recorded 6/90, original tape labeled Basics Son Of Sleep]
D3 Mona’s Sister (Treat Her Right)
D4 You’re Worse / Looking Good [Early incarnation of the track Good]
D5 Test-Tube Baby / Shoot’m Down
D6 Yes Idea / Morphine Gig Ad (Mark voice message)