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Loleatta Holloway - Cry To Me


This record is a soul masterpiece extraordinaire…fantastic piano plays accompanied by chiming guitars, swirling strings, a powerful rhythm section and gospel tinged backing vocals. Loleatta’s vocals are devastatingly sad, as she sings about her relationship breaking up and the pain and sadness it’s caused her. She just sings her heart out… it’s almost impossible to listen to the album without getting caught up in the emotion. Loleatta roars defiantly, using all of her strength to deliver this classic slice of Southern Soul music. - Light in the Attic
Tracklist : 
  1. Cry To Me
  2. I Know Where You're Coming From
  3. The Show Must Go On
  4. The World Don't Owe You Nothing
  5. Just Be True To Me
  6. Something About The Way I Feel
  7. I'll Be Gone
  8. I Can't Help Myself
  9. Casanova
  10. Help Me My Lord