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Lee Moses - How Long Must I Wait?



The Good Thing June 2020
The timing of this album for The Good Thing release feels all too right. As we are all on this pandemic rollercoaster together, as this nation cracks open and grieves, and rebuilds, let Lee Moses’ distinctive gritty growl carry us through. It seems only fitting that one of soul’s true unrecognized underdogs play our anthem for change. Lee Moses put out just one album during his (all too short) lifetime which never gained traction despite recognition from all the greats (Jimi Hendrix & James Brown included). The album Time and Place was what originally drew me to Moses. As record store owner after collector (even the warmest and friendliest of which) would look down at me with knowing eyes, I quickly realized just how difficult the album would be to track down. None had ever seen a physical copy in all their 20, 30, 40 years of searching, I was seeking the impossible. After years shrouded in mystery, in 2016 it was rereleased, making Moses’ musical genius accessible to a whole new audience. Then, in 2019, a repressing of the compilation album How Much Longer Must I Wait? Singles & Rarities came along to give us another insight into his songwriting. It includes several different versions of originals off of his full-length album as well as a few previously unreleased songs showing us the real breadth of his work. Let this album be your invitation to shake it out, to cry it out, to drink about it, to scream about it, to release the pent up fear you might be storing in your body, and to envision a new and more just world. - Kristina Buckley 6/1/20
Tracklist :
  1. My Adorable One
  2. Diana (From N.Y.C.)
  3. Reach Out I'll Be There
  4. Day Tripper
  5. Bad Girl Pt 1
  6. Bad Girl Pt 2
  7. I'm Sad About It
  8. How Much Longer (Must I Wait?)
  9. You Are Too Much For The Human Heart
  10. If Loving You Is A Crime (I'll Always Be Guilty)
  11. Never In My Life
  12. I Can't Take No Chances
  13. Dark End Of The Street
  14. She's A Bad Girl
  15. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
  16. What Do You Do