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Florry - The Holey Bible


The Good Thing selection for July 2023

"You may recall that we sent out a record from the fine, Philadelphia-based band Friendship some months back. While arranging the purchase of the LPs I approached Merge Records to see if the band’s leader, Dan Wiggins, would be interested in curating an upcoming record for the club. Dan was down! Here is what he has to say about his selection.

Florry is the warm, greedy mouth of a sunburned teenager making contact with the cold hole at the bottom of a shotgunned Bud Light. They are the rhapsodic whistles of SeaWorld’s most lovesick dolphin. They are the fuel injectors on the engine of a semi carrying toxic waste down the Garden State Parkway. When I listen to Florry, I need to dance. I feel like the rooster’s favorite hen. They are among the inheritors of country music because their songs are about the emotions and messy lives of vulnerable people and the places they live, presented without judgment, glamorization, or any other bullshit. They are the soul and its buddies. And their live show kicks ass."

—Dan Wriggins


  • Drunk and High
  • Take My Heart
  • Hot Weather
  • Cowgirl Giving
  • Big Fall
  • Big Winter
  • Say It Again
  • Cowgirl in a Ditch
  • Song for My Art
  • From Where You Are