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White Pepper — Ween | Hunapu (Antigua, Guatemala)

White Pepper — Ween | Hunapu (Antigua, Guatemala)

"Ween is definitely one of our favorite bands here at Tandem and in honor of their recent reunion that is coming to Portland this month, it was very obvious that we should do a Ween album for this month’s Good Thing.

White Pepper gets regular air time at both of our locations. It could even be considered our favorite (but man, Chocolate & Cheese and The Mollusk are also SO good – it was hard to choose!!). The first two songs on this album could live on repeat in my brain forever and ever. And ‘Stay Forever’ should be on every mixtape you make for any crush.


Ween as a band represents what we’d like Tandem to be as a company – fun, weird, humorous, yet amazing at what they do and can be enjoyed by all!"


—Kathleen Pratt - Tandem Coffee Roasters

Curator: Tandem

Hunapu : Antigua, Guatemala

Ween : White Pepper