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Music Is Painting In The Air — Sensations' Fix | Finca Primavera (San Augustin, Colombia)

"Franco Falsini, (Born in Florence, Italy in 1948) moved with his American girlfriend to Virginia in the summer of 1969 and recorded his first material asSensations’ Fix, transforming their basement into a home recording studio that, along with traditional rock-n-roll instruments, employed a floor model MiniMoog and a tricked-out Teac 4-track machine.

Later relocating back to Italy, Falsini joined up with drummerKeith Edwardsand bassistRichard Ursillo(both American expats) and charged through another two Sensations’ Fix albums:Portable Madnessin 1974 andFinest Fingerin 1976, and a stunning solo albumCold Nose (Naso Fredo)in 1975. Falsini and his band of psychedelic renegades soon left Italy for the golden shores of California;Vision’s Fugitivefollowed in 1977, andBoxes Paradiseshortly after.

Over three decades laterFalsiniembarked on the sonic retroescapades ofMusic is Painting in the Air, a collection of new mixes and unheard music from 1974-77, for which Falsini and his son Jeyon set forth on a year-long voyage to restore and revisit the original Sensations’ Fix analog tapes. Honoring Falsini’s tradition of autonomy, this collection, as with the majority of the Sensations’ Fix catalog, was mixed solely by Falsini. The sequence is chronologically defiant, encouraging the listener to free associate the recurring themes’ origins and immerse in the body of music as its own universe."

—Joe Kievett - KMA


Finca Primavera: San Augustin, Colombia

Sensations' Fix: Music is Painting in the Air