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The Movers - Vol.1 - 1970-1976 | Astrid Medina’s Yellow Caturra - Tolima, Colombia

The Movers - Vol.1 - 1970-1976

There isn’t a single Analog Africa release that I don’t consider sending out to all of you fine club members. I really have to hold myself back. I could so happily include all of their records in the subscription. It would make my life easier and none of you would ever complain about it. Trust me. They are all that good. Earlier this summer I played Kathleen the first single released from this here Movers anthology and she said in her characteristic way, “Oooooo, this is good. Can we do this one?” Yes it is good and yes we can! Named by the band’s manager and financier - because you can’t help but move when you hear these tunes - the Movers were one the biggest bands in South Africa in the early and mid 70s with their first album selling over half a million copies within 3 months of its release making them the first black South African band to be played on white radio stations. The Movers flame was so bright but burned quickly. By the end of the 70s the band had no original members. This collection was put together by Analog Africa as a greatest hits from The Movers’ greatest days. And you know what? It’s pretty great. - WP 10/3/22

Astrid Medina’s Yellow Caturra - Tolima, Colombia

We've purchased quite a bit of Astrid's coffee over the years, but it's always a thrill to receive an offering from the famed farmer we haven't seen before. Enter in Astrid's Yellow Caturra, a morph of regular Caturra that ripens to a golden yellow color. Unsurprisingly, this coffee is awesome. We taste a bunch of bright, tropical fruit qualities along with the sweet/savory combination that distinguishes some of the best Colombian coffees. We'll purchase almost anything that Astrid sends us, but it helps that each one of her offerings is more amazing than the last. Astrid's success is a direct result of her dedication to the craft of coffee production, and we're so fortunate we get to highlight just how amazing she is.