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Staples Jr. Singers - When Do We Get Paid | Guracho - Guji, Ethiopia

Staples Jr. Singers - When Do We Get Paid

Those of you who have been members of the Good Thing for long enough may recognise the name of this group from a previous Luaka Bop gospel compilation - The Time for Peace is Now - that we sent out in December of 2019. This time around Luaka Bop has resurrected an entire album - in fact the only album - by the Staples Jr. Singer’s - bringing it back from oblivion. Formed in 1969 when the three founding members of the group were still under the age of 14, The Staples Jr. Singers built a following by touring extensively on the gospel circuit in the Bible Belt across southern US. Though the name of the group is an homage to their favorite group, the Staples Jr Singers is actually a family band led by Anne, Edward and A.R.C. Brown. The family still performs regularly at small venues and churches with four generations of family members having joined the band over the years. The group wisely changed their name to the Brown Singers in the late 70s and have been performing under that name ever since. Luaka Bop reissued When Do We Get Paid in May of this year and it has received a very warm reception giving the national recognition that they have deserved for 50 years.

Guracho - Guji, Ethiopia

This coffee was a later selection for us than most of our other Ethiopias, but don't let that fool you into believing it's not very good. Our dear friends at Osito helped us source this vibrant lot from Guji, an area of the country that had some serious difficulty with its harvest. While the odds were perhaps stacked against us in sourcing from the south this year, we're so excited to offer Guracho because it represents all that we love about our favorite origin—intense citrus acidity, black tea flavors and body, and a delicate floral aroma. We picked up a bunch of this coffee both because we needed it to round out our menu, and because it's just so dang good. See for yourself!