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Ken - Destroyer | Guji - Sidamo, Ethiopia

Ken - Destroyer | Guji - Sidamo, Ethiopia

We’ve been adoring fans of Destroyer ever since stumbling upon Streekhawk: A Seduction back in 2001. The original attraction was the unique lyrics and convincing voice of Daniel Bejar over lots of rock and roll classical guitar. While that perfect combination hooked me, I’ve really enjoyed Bejar’s constant reinvention. You never really know what to expect when each new album is announced. I’ve yet to be disappointed and this album is no exception to the rule. This limited edition pressing also comes with a 7” featuring a couple acoustic versions bringing us close to that Destroyer we originally fell in love with. 


Guji - Sidamo, Ethiopia

Lively and complex, this coffee from the Uraga region in Guji is bound to please. Uraga is the highest elevation coffee producing area in Ethiopia, and the conditions help to create a consistently clean, delicate, and floral cup. When Will visited this lush, verdant region in 2015, he returned awestruck by its beauty, and the coffee is truly as exquisite as the scenery. This particular lot is super sweet and juicy, with notes of stone fruit, ripe watermelon, and marzipan.