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Bach : The Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould | Jingle Beans - Kenya & Ethiopia

One night in the late 1990s, I caught a movie on PBS called32 Short Films About Glenn Gould and it changed my life. For the rest of senior year I was under a spell—Gould was my deity, “The Goldberg Variations” my sacrament. I cut class to sit in my car and channel Gould channeling Bach. I went to parties and talked about Gould, I went to college admission interviews and talked about Gould. My friends thought I was nuts, but I didn't care. By the time I left for college that summer, the spell had mostly faded, though not entirely. These days, I only put on Gould’s 1955 “Goldberg” once or twice a year, but as soon as I hear the opening Aria, those first delicate notes, the hair on my neck and ears stands up and a warm wave washes over me.

-Kolby Yarnell

Jingle Beans - Kenya & Ethiopia

Our annual holiday blend! Each year we go out of our way to make this blend as viciously fruity and seasonally outlandish as we can. This year we wholeheartedly went for it by blending 2 merry African coffees that triumphantly coalesce into the best interpretation of aqueous fruit cake in a cup.