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Kathy Heideman - Move With Love - Seaglass Vinyl



Oh man, Kathy Heideman, you guys! We’ve been trying to get this record in the club for years! I can’t even tell you how excited we are to have finally scored this one and with a Tandem exclusive color variant to boot! It’s happening! Our friend Phil brought this album into our lives a few years ago and Kathleen played it constantly at home and in both shops for several months. I wrote to Numero right away to see about getting it for The Good Thing. They had some copies in stock at the time but not enough to fill the subscription. Bummer! I continued to check in with the label periodically over the years to see if any turned up, as if they might find hundreds of Kathy Heidemen records that had fallen behind a cabinet. Earlier this year they wrote back informing me that it was about to be repressed! Finally! Only recently did we learn about the amazing background on this record. At some point in the mid-70s Kathy recorded it as a demo for a songwriter she’d just met named Dia Joyce. Joyce didn’t like the way the album came out and apparently destroyed the master tapes and most of the records that got pressed. Providence played its hand in 2007 when Andy Cabic of San Francisco band Vetiver found a copy in a thrift store. The next year Vetiver covered “Sleep a Million Years” for their covers record which brought Move With Love out of the dark and finally into your hands today. Numero Group tracked down Joyce before her death in 2010 and Kathy was finally tracked down in 2019 under the name Kat James living in Park City, UT. The album was first reissued in 2013. Heideman was, understandably, completely taken aback by the success of the album after all of these years. Just imagine. Great story for a great record. Enjoy this one!