Decaf Subscription

Decaf Subscription

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As Peter Giuliano of SCAA and past Counter Culture fame once perfectly said, ‘We have a special obligation to the decaf drinker. Those guys are the true believers. They’re not drinking coffee because they need to wake up. They’re drinking coffee because they like the taste.’ (NY Times, Food Section, March 9th, 2010).

Hence our new Decaf Subscription for you, the true coffee lovers!

With the Decaf CSA you will receive one pound of our delicious La Serrania Colombian Decaf.

Your first CSA order will ship right away!

As of now, our "Local Pickup" option is sadly not on the table. With everyone's health and safety in mind during these strange COVID-19 times, all orders that would normally be picked up will be shipped instead. Thanks for understanding and please reach out with any questions.

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***This is a subscription. The order is recurring. If you order more than one you will get more than one delivery each month.***