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Wooden Shjips - Shjips in the Night: Live in San Francisco June 8, 2018 | Roberto Figueroa - Santa Barbara, Honduras

Wooden Shjips - Shjips in the Night: Live in San Francisco June 8, 2018

Long have we wanted to send you all a Wooden Shjips record. After I didn’t make a move on last summer’s super chill jem,V, I vowed to snag the very next record they released. And what a mighty fortune that has been bestowed upon us all! Instead of a small slice of time covered on one studio record, we bring youShjips in the Night: Live in San Francisco June 8th, 2018- a loud as hell selection of songs that spans their entire discography. Whenever we play any Wooden Shjips records in one of our cafes someone invariably approaches the counter and asks, ‘What is this?’ Get ready to answer that question a bunch.

Roberto Figueroa - Santa Barbara, Honduras

El Cedral is a special place. In Santa Barbara, Honduras, coffee-growing communities are organized into hillsides; El Cedral is one of these hillsides, and BOY does it produce great coffees. El Cedral was one of the first communities in Santa Barbara to really get into producing specialty coffee—a couple of brave, super driven farmers made the plunge and have been spreading knowledge of quality-focused farming practices within their community and beyond ever since. Roberto Figueroa’s farm is high up on the hill of El Cedral—he grows all Pacas at 1565-1585 masl and produces a truly stunning coffee. This is our fourth year buying coffee from Roberto, and this year we're so stoked to be offering his coffee exclusively to The Good Thing subscribers!