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The Truth is a Lie - American Soul Music 1955-1972 | Nano Challa - Agaro, Ethiopia

The Truth is a Lie - American Soul Music 1955-1972

We feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this record earlier this year. While searching for albums to fill up our new vinyl section at Little Tandem I picked up a copy of this based solely on the cover - a small photo of Nina Simone surrounded by gold foil on a bright forest green backdrop - how could that not be good? After listening to the record a couple of times I reached out to Mississippi Records to see if they had enough stock for us to offer this to all of you fine subscribers. Turned out they had the exact amount we needed. We cleaned them out! Since then we've gotten many emails from people saying, "Soooo, I heard you got the last copies of The Truth is a any extras?" Just know that you are holding a very deservingly coveted record in your hand. We're so happy to start off our 2019 coffee and record adventure in this fashion. Enjoy!

Nano Challa - Agaro, Ethiopia

Nano Challa is a cooperative that is a part of the Kata Maduga Union, an association of 35 coffee farmers' cooperatives in the Jimma zone of Ethiopia, near to the town of Agaro. The Kata Maduga union was created in 2016 and has been working to raise the quality of the coffee and quality of life for the members in the cooperatives. This lot knocked our socks off on the cupping table, with sweet pear and stonefruit combined with complex dried fruits and florals and a lingering caramel and honey sweetness.