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The Real ShooBeeDoo - Reminiscing | Las Juntas - Huila, Colombia

The Real ShooBeeDoo - Reminiscing

Somehow we find ourselves nearing the end of another summer, y'all. I can hardly believe it myself. Perfect time for a little Reminiscing, wouldn't you say? I myself am thinking about my kid's first little league game, bug bites and that very turbulent plane ride home from the land of Ohio. Not fun. I don't mean to jump the gun but man the summer of 2019 went by really fast. Another fond and tender memory I've got is the first time I heard this here Real Shoobeedoo record back in June. That there is one deep and indelible aural image that has been onto singed my brain. "This guy sings funny," my son said. While that may be true to some, I love any record that reminds us to "get into the rhythm the universe is drumming." Enjoy your Reminiscing.

-Will Pratt

Las Juntas - Huila, Colombia

Las Juntas is a blend of coffees from 5 young coffee producers in San Agustín, Huila. Their farms are located between 1600-1800 masl, and they plant mostly Colombia, Caturra, and Catuai though a couple of the producers have started growing some Red Bourbon, Pink Bourbon, Typica, and Tabi as well. Las Juntas is the name of one of the producer's farms, but they adopted the name to represent their group because of the group's collaborative nature. We're really excited about this new project, and are excited to offer this super sweet and balanced coffee to all of you!