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Rudy De Anda - Tender Epoch | Spikes AB - Kiambu, Kenya

Rudy De Anda - Tender Epoch

Like Vitamin D, a bottle of wine, an extra $20 and a hug, Rudy De Anda is just something most people need right now. - Garrett Bethmann

Whoa! A brand new album for The Good Thing! We never get to do this, but we really should do this more often. We’ve been so focused on reissues and must-have classics that we forgot how good “new” music actually is. Hey, it turns out the kids are all right! I happened upon this record through an ‘upcoming releases’ email from Secretly Distribution. I saw the cover and thought, “Oh, I bet that’s pretty good.” I had a hard time figuring out what era the record was from—I couldn’t immediately tell if it was new or an exciting reissue. All I knew was that I loved the album cover. I checked out the only single that was available at the time—the amazing "Espume”—and still couldn’t really define the era. Half way through my first listen I started sharing the songs with many friends. We got hooked and very much looked forward to the full album coming out in September. “Espume” was so good—I’m just such a sucker to super precise, jangly guitar playing—that we considered doing the record for the October subscription without ever hearing it in its entirety, but something held us back. After its release and a few weeks of spinning it at home, we were validated and decided it was more than worthy to be in the club and we got very excited to share it with you all. In fact, there is no better time for an album like this one to drop on your doorstep.Tender Epoch brings me to life. It reminds me I’m alive. It moves me from the inside out. Though I don’t understand most of the words, it speaks my language. So, while the world tumbles down the terrible tubes, allow Rudy De Anda's beautiful tunes to lift you up.

- Will Pratt 11/5/20

Spikes AB - Kiambu, Kenya

Finally, Kenya is back on the menu! For some time we were wondering whether or not we'd even see anything from one of our favorite origins this year, if only because things are just so up in the air right now. This is going to be our only offering, but it's a really great one. Will worked with Sucafina to source Spikes AB, a single-estate coffee from Kiambu county. The small 3.5ha estate is perfectly situated at altitude, and it is operated meticulously by owner Manasseh Kibochi. This washed SL-28 is depulped and dry fermented for up to a day and then soaked for an additional 24 hours, which helps give it loads of exactly what we love so much about Kenya coffee. It's got super bright red fruit, deep sweetness, and a spicy complexity that make it just so enjoyable—especially this time of year.