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Digable Planets - Blowout Comb | Buena Vista - Tolima, Colombia

Digable PlanetsBlowout Comb

There are those kinds of sophomore albums that have a history of being greatly misunderstood and/or under-appreciated upon their release, but then years later they manage to find an audience ready to realize the greatness that they once overlooked. This is one of those records. Do not overlook this record. “I'm slicker this year" claim Ladybug, Butterfly and Doodlebug on "(9th Wonder"), and... they are totally right. - CDR /

Buena Vista - Tolima, Colombia

This stellar coffee was produced by the one and only Astrid Medina Pereira on her farm Finca Buena Vista. Buena Vista is located in Planadas, Tolima, in a tiny rural hamlet called San Miguel. This lot is 100% Caturra and is grown at around 1750 masl on 12.5 ha of beautiful land. Astrid is a pretty darn amazing woman—she is a certified technician in coffee production and agricultural production by the National Learning Service in Colombia (SENA). She and her husband (who works at a coffee purchasing cooperative) have 2 kids, and they run the farm in tandem with their sister, who is a single mother of a young boy. It is a family-focused venture and is also exceedingly quality-focused, which paid off big time in 2015 when Buena Vista won 1st place in the ACE Cup of Excellence for North Colombia. We are truly fortunate and proud to be able to offer Astrid’s coffee to y’all year after year. Enjoy!