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David Byrne - Utopia | Kibingo - Kayanza, Burundi

David Byrne - Utopia

I’ve always admired the fact that David Byrne never does the same thing twice. So many of his countless projects could have been an achievement of a lifetime for someone else. Not him. I have seen David Byrne several times on every tour since Look Into the Eyeball came out back in 2001, and, somehow, each tour gets better than the last. After following his Everything That Happens Will Happen Today tour up the west coast, I thought he had finally reached the pinnacle of achievement. How could he top it? It had backup singers, modern dancers, and an unbeatable set list that included such a riveting version of “Houses in Motion” that the song got a five minute standing ovation at every show I went to. Everyone went wild. Then, in March of 2018, I saw the American Utopia show in Waterbury, CT. Not only was this the best David Byrne show I'd seen, it was the best show I'd ever seen in my life. Luckily for all of humanity he brought the show to Broadway for a five month stint, which means we have the good fortune to be graced with this original cast recording. Enjoy this knowing that this is Byrne at his best yet, while also knowing that somehow the best is yet to come.

-Will Pratt

Kibingo - Kayanza, Burundi

Just when you thought naturals were done for the season, here we are with a post-holiday surprise. This natural process lot comes from the Kibingo washing station in Kayanza, Burundi, which serves over 3,500 smallholder farmers on the 18 hills surrounding the station. Most of the coffee coming out of Burundi is washed, but we managed to snag this natural lot with help from our friends at the Collaborative Coffee Source. If you're looking for a fruit-bomb coffee, look no further! Kibingo has a deep, juicy sweetness and complex florals.