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Dadawah - Peace and Love | La Joya Andina de Cusco - Cusco, Peru

Dadawah -Peace and Love

Music that is both cosmic in its spectrum and rooted in the rhythms of the Earth is exceedingly rare, yet that is exactly the union achieved by Ras Michael (Dadawah) on Peace and Love, his seminal 1974 record of ghostly Nyabinghi devotionals. The dominant sounds are heady and psychadelic, hypnotic and mysterious; Dadawah’s voice, always warm, glides across intricate constellations of lush, meditative bass, piano and lead guitar. But the waves of echo that wash over the music suggest that below the surface is something dark and unknown. The groove throughout runs deep, lulling the listener into a concealed, liminal state. Out of this darkness, though, comes Dadawah’s bright and hopeful celebrations of life and love, leading us all back to the path to Zion—back to where we are all supposed to be.

-Sean Turley

La Joya Andina de Cusco - Cusco, Peru

Oh man, our very first Peru! We are positively giddy to finally be roasting and offering Peruvian coffee. Our inaugural lot is from multiple small producers from the Huadquiña cooperative in the department of Cusco. The producers grow Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra high in the mountains between 1900-2200 masl. This coffee is SUPER fruity, with a lively starfruit and tangerine acidity balanced out by a lingering toffee and cocoa finish. Peru, man!