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Cymande - Cymande | La Piramide - Inza, Colombia

Cymande - Cymande

I first heard this record on a tip from a fellow Good Thing member who said, “I’ve been listening non-stop to Cymande’s self-titled 1972 debut LP”. If you are listening to something non-stop, then hey, I’ll listen to it at least once. Glad I did! Formed in London 40-something years ago by Steve Scipio and Patrick Patterson, Cymande brought together a group of nine Caribbean-born musicians to form what Rolling Stone would call “London’s greatest funk band.” They quickly released 3 albums in 3 years between ‘72 and ‘74 before beginning a near 40 year hiatus in ‘75. During that long interlude their music continued to excite and inspire. Their records were a cratedigger's delight and their sounds were sampled by the likes of De La Soul, The Fugees, Wu Tang and many, many more. Founding members Patrick Patterson and Steve Scipio gathered the original members back together in 2011 to record their 4th studio album. Cymande is still active and on the road today. Damn, they are playing in Italy in August. Let’s freakin’ go!

La Piramide - Inza, Colombia

One of the most challenging things to do as a coffee buyer is establish consistency and familiarity while maintaning quality. It's much easier for us to do that with the help of our friends at Caravela, and because Colombia is able to provide coffee nearly year round. This year-round offering from a group of 300 producers in Inzá represents the best of what Colombian coffees have to offer: it's super sweet, clean, and complex. If you haven't had coffee from this region, it's understandable, as lessening tensions between the goverment and FARC rebels have only recently allowed this particular area to flourish. We want to drink this coffee all the time, which is why we've made that desire a reality, and ensured year-round availability for you all. Enjoy hot or iced! This coffee doesn't dissapoint.