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Brian Eno - Another Green World | La Piramide - Inzá, Colombia

Brian Eno - Another Green World

Brian Eno is known for popularizing the ambient genre, for working with an impressive list of rock bands, and, of course, for creating the Windows 95 start-up sound. Another Green World sits nicely somewhere between all of these sensibilities, leaning only slightly towards the ambient. This album is great on many levels. There are some catchy pop-rock moments but those are far outweighed by inventive and complex atmospheric textures. It's both a rewarding album for those who listen deeply and it's excellent background music. Also, it features instruments like "snake guitar", "tape", "uncertain piano", and "assistant castanet guitar"!

- Nick Marcoux

La Piramide - Inzá, Colombia

One of the most challenging things to do as a coffee buyer is establish consistency and familiarity while maintaning quality. It's much easier for us to do that with the help of our friends at Caravela, and because Colombia is able to provide coffee nearly year round. This year-round offering from a group of 300 producers in Inzá represents the best of what Colombian coffees have to offer: it's super sweet, clean, and complex. If you haven't had coffee from this region, it's understandable, as lessening tensions between the goverment and FARC rebels have only recently allowed this particular area to flourish. We want to drink this coffee all the time, which is why we've made that desire a reality, and ensured year-round availability for you all. Enjoy hot or iced! This coffee doesn't dissapoint.