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Art Blakey - Night in Tunisia | Harbegona - Sidamo, Ethiopia

Art Blakey - Night in Tunisia

The opener and title track on this record explodes like a firecracker right out of the gate. I feel like I am being shot out of a cannon or sitting on a flying missile. Either way, I'm hurtling through space at max speed. while sitting on something very, very hot. Three minutes in and I am reminded how I got into hard bop in the first place. I was sitting in a pizza place in San Jose when a friend of a friend said, "You gotta check out Lee Morgan." The next day I had a copy of The Sidewinder. Two days later I had Blue Train*, then Moanin' which opened up the door wide to the enormous catalogue of The Jazz Messengers and eventually - and luckily for you - to this here album. Here's hoping this record induces a similar hard bop journey in your future. - Will Pratt

*See The Good Thing Issue No. 1

Harbegona - Sidamo, Ethiopia

When Will visited Ethiopia this year he cupped through dozens of offerings to find the best possible lots to bring in. Harbegona is one of the best that he tasted during his trip. In fact, it was so good he forgot to write any notes about it down other than stars and exclamation points. This killer Ethiopia comes from smallholder farmers around the Bochesa Mochisho washing station in Sidama. We're blown away by how vibrant this coffee is, with loads of citrus, peach, and black tea.