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Introducing Double Exposure

We first met James Joiner over a mutual love of coffee. He had reached out to us about collaborating on a project because he’d been using our instant coffee to develop his black and white film. While we know our instant coffee is endlessly useful and handy, we had no idea that you could also use it to expose film! We soon bonded over much more than coffee and film - kids, music, and 1% for the Planet (of which we’re both members). Over a series of conversations during quarantine, the idea for a coffee and film club was born!

Here’s how it works - each month members will be exposed to an 8oz bag of off-menu, small-lot coffee curated by Tandem, paired with a roll of 35mm film and a ‘zine full of pictures taken by fellow members curated by James Joiner.

Double Exposure will ship out the week the 15th of each month.

When you post pictures taken with Double Exposure club film to Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #tandemdoubleexposure so we can potentially feature them in the ‘zine!