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  • 742 Congress Street
  • Portland, Maine 04102
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  • 122 Anderson Street
  • Portland, Maine 04101
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Local Whole Spring Quiche (sold individually)


This is a whole quiche with local asparagus, herbs, ricotta, and red chile.

Welcome to Tandem Takeout. During these strange times, we're offering some of our goods on the go. Orders placed by Tuesday will be baked up fresh every Friday and Saturday at the bakery. Orders for the following weekend open on Friday.

You can add other things to your order too, like Dad hats and vinyl. Everything you order will be ready at the chosen pickup date and time. We can't wait to see you.

Picking up? Here's what you need to know.

  • At checkout, you'll have your choice of times to pick up. We ask that you arrive at the bakery on time for your scheduled pickup. You can send a friend to pick up for you as long as they show up for the time you selected and can tell us the name on the order.

  • Your order will be ready for the time you select at checkout. Please do not arrive earlier or later than your scheduled time to avoid crowds and confusion.

  • Look for a table. There will be one set up at the front door. We ask that you please wait in the socially distanced line which we have clearly marked to make this weird process easier.

  • Once you reach us at the door, you'll give us your name and we'll give you your order by placing it on the table. From there, we say goodbye, and ask that you take your goods to go as we cannot allow customers to enjoy their pastries outside at the picnic tables.

  • This is not curbside pickup. You'll need to come to us to grab your goods.

  • Our crew will be wearing protective face masks. We ask you to do the same.

Important: There are no nuts in this.

Adding a bag of coffee to your order? We're happy to grind it for you, but you'll need to give us a heads up first. You can either add a note at checkout or call us at the bakery.