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Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Blues in My Soul


Reissue of this great 1961 release. From the liner notes : 

"Brownie and Sonny work excellently together, not as a convenience certainly, and not just because they're both blues men. I think it's because they're such good foils for one another; whatever brought them together brought together talents that are exceptional contrasts and complements -- in background, style, and in emotion. And in a sense, together they span many years of development in the blues. Add Roy Haynes on the second side of this LP, and we are covering a lot of ground (...)"

Tracklist :

A1. I Got A Woman (3:59)
A2. Hold Me In Your Arms (3:29)
A3. The C. C. & O. Blues (4:27)
A4. The Devil's Gonna Get You (2:32)
A5. Don't You Lie To Me (4:42)
B1. That's Why I'm Walking (2:45)
B2. Wrong Track (3:34)
B3. Blue Feeling (4:04)
B4. House Lady (4:19)
B5. I Know Better (3:29)