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Silver Jews - American Water


The Good Thing selection - November 2018

We're so happy to bring you Silver Jews' third album American Water as it celebrates it's 20th anniversary this fall. I'd been a peripheral listener to David Berman's earlier records because Pavement's Stephen Malkmus (my high school here) played on the Silver Jews' debut, Starlite Walker. At that time Silver Jews were, to me, Pavement's witty little country brother. That all changed during my first week of college way back in the 90s when someone turned to me and said, "You've never heard American Water?!" We went straight to their room for a listen. I was transformed by the time we got to the first chorus of "Random Rules". With American Water, David Berman, stepped out of the shadow of his more famous indie rock friend and made a record that, in my opinion, outshines Pavement at their brightest. -WP
Track List:
1. Random Rules
2. Smith & Jones Forever
3. Night Society
4. Federal Dust
5. People
6. Blue Arrangements
7. We Are Real
8. Send in the Clouds
9. Like Like the the the Death
10. Buckingham Rabbit
11. Honk If You're Lonely
12. The Wild Kindness