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Ranil : y su Conjunto Tropical


From Analog Africa :

If you travel up the Amazon, past the city of Manaus and past the Brasilian/Peruvian border, you will eventually reach the city of Iquitos. It was here that Werner Herzog filmed Fitzcarraldo, the visionary epic of one man’s struggle to drag a ship over a mountain; and it was here, in a city completely cut off from the Peruvian coast, accessible only by air and water, and surrounded by impenetrable forests, that a new, distinctly Amazonian style of Cumbia emerged in the early 1970s.

One of the style’s greatest practitioners is Raúl Llerena Vásquez – known to the world as Ranil – a Peruvian singer, bandleader, record-label entrepreneur and larger-than-life personality who swirled the teeming buzz of the Amazonian jungle, the unstoppable rhythms of Colombian and Brazilian dance music, and the psychedelic electricity of guitar-driven rock-and-roll into a knock-out, party-starting concoction. It’s cumbia alright, but you’ve never heard cumbia quite like this before.

Tracklist :

1. Muévete Mi Amor 02:34
2. Vuelo a Saturno 02:45
3. Las Oladas 03:10
4. Lamento 02:59
5. La Minga 02:31
6. Mi Querido Ucayali 02:42
7. Licenciado 03:05
8. Cumbia En Tu Soledad 02:44
9. Cumbia Sin Nombre 03:05
10. Rojo Lamento 03:00
11. Ángel Terrenal 02:40
12. Marlenita 02:47
13. La Tuctuructia 03:23
14. La Danza De Don Lucho 02:36