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Orchetre Sup Borgou de Parakou

Orchetre Sup Borgou de Parakou

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From Analog Africa :

In its infancy, Super Borgou served as a cover band for Congolese Rumba hits but, in line with the most enigmatic - and experimental - African bands of the day, they developed their own musical identity by reinventing traditional songs and rhythms. 

With Benin's foremost drummer, Bori Borro, in their ranks, Bariba and Dendi linguistic folklore - alongside melodies of an Islamic ilk - fused with Soul, Pachanga, Breakbeats, Rumba and Afro-Beat, Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou manufactured a sound of penetrating and unpolished directness, blurring the line between the erstwhile rhythms of the devout village and the modern grooves infecting the forward-thinking city. Their reinvention redefines what contemporary audiences classify as the 'Afro' genre. 


1. Gandigui (Bariba Soul) 03:04
2. Wegne'Nda M'Banza (Bariba Soul) 03:17
3. Me Ton Le Gbe (Pachanga Fon) 02:55
4. Abakpé (Afro Beat Bariba) 04:15
5. Guessi-Guéré-Guessi (Pop Bariba) 04:13
6. Sembe Sembe Boudou (Folklore Dendi) 04:02
7. A Na Gan Garo Ka Nam (Afro Beat Bariba) 04:24
8. Bori Yo Se Mon Baani (Pachanga Dendi) 03:43
9. Aske (Folklore Dendi) 03:30
10. Ko Guere (Folklore Bariba) 03:52
11. Abere Klouklou (Cavacha Dendi) 05:10
12. Dadon Gabou Yo Sa Be No.2 (Afro Beat Dendi) 04:52
13. Hanoubiangabou (Soul Dendi) 03:09
14. Binin Hounnin (Dendi Boucher) 03:04
15. Adiza Claire (Cavacha Bariba) 15:52