Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun (180 g vinyl)

Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun (180 g vinyl)

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I've been listening to way too much Meat Puppets lately. 

From Forced Exposure :

Vinyl version of the Meat Puppets' landmark 1985 album, reissued and remastered for vinyl. This one is a stone cold classic; a mix of punk rock, folk, country, jams and poetic lyrics that was a shock when originally released on SST way back when. From the stoned and sunny opening title track to the whirling dervish of sound that is 'Two Rivers,' this album has absolutely no filler and holds up insanely well, like a classic should! For fans of Black Flag and the Grateful Dead.

Track List:

1. "Up on the Sun" 4:04
2. "Maiden's Milk"  3:19
3. "Away" 3:25
4. "Animal Kingdom" 1:25
5. "Hot Pink" 3:27
6. "Swimming Ground" 3:04

Side two
7. "Buckethead" 2:22
8. "Too Real" 2:13
9. "Enchanted Porkfist" 2:31
10. "Seal Whales" 2:21
11. "Two Rivers" 3:20
12. "Creator" 2:10