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Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads (colored vinyl)


The Good Thing December 2018 :

I stumbled upon this album at a record fair in San Francisco in 2008. The hot pink cover with a clumsy cowboy caught my eye while looking through a dusty pile. My audiophile friend I was with immediately told me to buy it when he saw it in my hands claiming it as one of his favorite records. Since that day it has been one of mine as well. I truly cannot think of a dinner party we’ve thrown in the past decade or a Tandem bar shift I‘ve worked where I did not put this record on. Marty Robbins’ syrupy croon makes me feel so nostalgic. I didn’t even grow up listening to Marty Robbins but I immediately felt like I had after the first listen. I’ve since bought every other album with the words “Gunfighter Ballads” on them and you probably will too. We’ve been trying to score this record for The Good Thing since the incarnation of the club. We’re so lucky to have finally met the right people who could make this happen for all of us. -Kathleen Pratt


1. "Big Iron"
2. "Cool Water"
3. "Billy the Kid"
4. "A Hundred and Sixty Acres"
5. "They're Hanging Me Tonight"
6. "The Strawberry Roan"

1. "El Paso"
2. "In The Valley"
3. "The Master's Call"
4. "Running Gun"
5. "The Little Green Valley"
6. "Utah Carol"