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Ivan Molano (Tolima, Colombia)

Ivan Molano (Tolima, Colombia)

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Ivan Molano

Colombia, Caturra

2070 MASL

Fully Washed

We hear: 
Grape Candy, Lemonade, Floral

Sourced by: 
Collaborative Coffee Source

Over the past couple years we have had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Acevedo Cup, a quality competition held by Oslo-based importer Collaborative Coffee Source and Colombian exporting company Fairfield Trading. The Cup brings together the most impressive coffee farmers of the Acevedo region of Huila in a celebration of their skills and hard work with talented coffee farmers from elsewhere in Colombia to visit, share with their peers, and meet with the folks who buy their coffee. A true highlight of this event has been having the opportunity to hang out with Ivan Molano, a passionate and kind coffee producer from Planadas, Tolima. What strikes me most about Ivan is his deep love for his work and his family and his infectious excitement about the future. Ivan is stoked about the potential of the specialty coffee industry and is eager to plant new varietals and experiment with his coffee in order to keep raising the quality. I love being able to support Ivan's experimentation and hard work, especially since his coffee is so darn good. We purchased several different lots from Ivan this year, because we kept receiving samples that we just couldn't pass up. Our past few lots this season were 100% Tabi, but for our final lot from Ivan we have for y'all a blend of Colombia and Caturra that sparkles with vibrant lemonade, sweet grape candy, and delicate florals.

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