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Jingle Beans - INSTANT Coffee - 6 Pack

Jingle Beans - INSTANT Coffee - 6 Pack

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Behold, a coffee is born!  Pack away your pumpkin spice, break out your Peanuts, and wake up your slumbering uncle:  Jingle Beans is here. Like 1,000 tiny elves pelting you in the face with green gumdrops, Jingle Beans will make you rethink what a novelty coffee can be.   It’s the perfect accompaniment to a platter of latkes or your mom’s fruitcake.  Bold and fruity yet never cloying, with a hint of cinnamon broom and silver tinsel, Tandem’s special blend of Ethiopian coffees will sweeten your holiday season.  

50% Boji (Natural), 50% Kedir Bergicho (Washed)

Ethiopian Heirloom

North Pole of course!


Both Washed and Naturally Processed, Roasted, Ground, Brewed, Freeze Dried, Pulverized and wrapped with a bow on top.

We hear: 
Sugar Plum, Gingerbread, Bowlful of Jelly

Sourced by: 
Collaborative Coffee Source and Cafe Imports