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James Elkington - Ever-Roving Eye


The Good Thing February 2021

“It’s time for you to move, better get somewhere to go” - James Elkington, Nowhere Time

We were first introduced to the Paradise of Bachelors label last fall when we worked with them to bring you Terry Allen’sJuarez record. Wanting to know more about their label, the owner Brendan pointed us to a Spotify playlist filled with music that the label had put out. Kathleen and I both started listening individually to the playlist pretty regularly and eventually discovered that we had both been especially enjoying all of the songs by some guy named James Elkington. It didn’t take long for us to stray from the playlist and start going straight for the Elkington. When something starts to get that much play at home it usually starts to get tossed around as a potential Good Thing record. We kept talking about how we heard so many of our favorite sounds in this record - Davy Graham, Jim O’Rourke, a little Nick Drake - but from someone we thought was new to the scene. As we learned more about him, our interest in his music made so much more sense. Turns out he’s been around some time and spent years in the Chicago music scene playing with the likes of Tortoise and Jeff Tweedy and fronting another new favorite band of ours - The Zincs with the one and only Jon Mcentire on drums. What? Weknew this guy was awesome! Learning all of this really sealed the deal for us. Ever Roving Eye is good, real good. There’s a reason we seem to put it on together at home, on our own, at our bakery or at our roastery on an almost daily basis. His finger picking throughout the album is enough to make you want to quit practicing but his solos on Nowhere Time and Late Jim’s Lament will make you want to smash all of your guitars into a million pieces that would be impossible to ever glue back together.

Tracklist : 

A1. Nowhere Time 4:25
A2. Sleeping Me Awake 3:02
A3. Leopards Lay Down 3:47
A4. Moon Tempering 3:13
A5. Rendlesham Way 4:14
B1. Late Jim's Lament 2:54
B2. Carousel 2:50
B3. Go Easy on October 3:02
B4. Ever-Roving Eye 4:41
B5. Much Master 4:24