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Jair Caicedo (Huila, Colombia)

Jair Caicedo (Huila, Colombia)

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Jair Caicedo


1650 MASL

Fully Washed

We hear: 
Lemon Custard, Mango, Panela

Sourced by: 
Collaborative Coffee Source


Cue the trumpets! We’re overjoyed to present to you the WINNER of the second annual Acevedo Cup! This past January we had the honor and pleasure of participating in the Acevedo Cup, a quality competition held by Oslo-based importer Collaborative Coffee Source and Colombian exporting company Fairfield Trading. The Cup brought together the most impressive coffee farmers of the Acevedo region of Huila in a celebration of their skills and hard work. We spent several days cupping the best of the best from this special little micro-region in Huila. There were moments when the judging was quite difficult, but it was overwhelmingly clear which coffee was the best, and that came from 26 year old Jair Caicedo. Jair is new to specialty coffee—he knew his coffee was good, but he didn’t know it was THAT good. Winning this prize at this point so early in his specialty coffee career could be incredibly valuable for him, as it provides an opportunity for early investment in his infrastructure in order to maintain and even improve quality, and it gets his name out there as a promising new coffee producer. And dude, his coffee was GREAT. The cup had a sweet, creamy lemon custard quality with complex florals, concord grape, tropical fruits, and a really clear panela base. It was so balanced, sweet, and interesting. I think Jair has a long and delicious career ahead!

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