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Haruomi Hosono - Hosono House


"Honest to God, since I heard him, you know, I probably heard him about 10 years ago now, I've just been trying to rip him off...He's been my favorite thing to dive in to or listen to or try and emulate for a long time... There's a wealth in terms of what I'd like to achieve." - Mac Demarco on HaruomiHosono

Thanks so much to the kindhearted geniuses at Light in the Attic for finally making some of HaruomiHosono's solo records available to us in the U.S. for the first time. We are so lucky! Let us rejoice. HosonoHouse has been the only CD in the Tandem delivery van for months and months. The short drives between the bakery and the roastery have been perfectly complimented by whichever track happens to be queued up at that particular moment, each one adding its own soundtrack to the happenings of our little city. "Boku Wa Chotto" seems to make all the pedestrians on Congress St. walk in step to the beat while the leaves blow or the rains fall in slow motion. The bouncing rhythms and cow bell of "Fuyu Goe" and "Fuku Wa Uchi Oni Wa Soto" are especially germane when the weather allows for windows down. Here's hoping you let this here record get stuck on the turntable for a while. You shan't regret it. You might not be able to help it. - Will Pratt

Tracklist :

  1. Rock-A-Bye My Baby
  2. Boku Wa Chotto
  3. Choo Choo Gatagoto
  4. Owari No Kisetsu
  5. Fuyu Goe
  6. Party
  7. Fuku Wa Uchi Oni Wa Soto
  8. Jusho Futei Mushoku Tei Shunyu
  9. Koi Wa Momoiro
  10. Bara To Yaju
  11. Ai Ai Gasa