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  • 742 Congress Street
  • Portland, Maine 04102
  • (207) 760-4440

Cafe + Roastery

  • 122 Anderson Street
  • Portland, Maine 04101
  • (207) 760-4440

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Canon Sure Shot Del Sol


Made in March 1995, the Sure Shot Del Sol is the first (only?) camera to rely 100% on solar power. Yep, that’s right, no batteries here. Just position the front folding solar cell in some bright daylight and charge it up! We found it takes about a day to fully charge enough for 3-4 rolls of film, which was easy enough by just having it with us in the car or on the bike. Featuring full autofocus and a built-in flash, the 32mm f 3.5 lens is shockingly sharp and ready for action. We can’t think of a better backwoods adventure camera, and it definitely makes for some interesting conversations when people see it. Excellent condition. Fully tested, CLA’d and ready to go. For full specs,click here