All of this Goes Too - American Soul Music 1955 - 1972

All of this Goes Too - American Soul Music 1955 - 1972

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From Mississippi Records : 

"Stunning compilation of great soul songs. The second in a six part series of compilations following a similar logic as Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music - only where Smith covered folk, blues, gospel and old timey, this compilation covers just American soul music recorded between 1960 and 1972. Many deep ballads and a few rockers. Features extensive 8 page liner notes with lots of photos. Cover has gold foil printing, and the records are housed in classy black sleeves. Super fancy limited edition double LP not to be missed."


  1. The Counts - Enchanted Sea
  2. Gary US Bonds - I Wanna Holler
  3. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
  4. Lee Bonds - I'll Find True Love
  5. Beverly McKay - No No I Can't Help You
  6. Irma Thomas - It's Raining


  1. Reuben Bell - Another Day Gone
  2. O.V Wright - She's Gone
  3. Timmy Willis - Easy As Saying 1-2-3
  4. Tammy Mc Knight - Stop These Teardrops
  5. Ben E King - It's All Over
  6. Ruby Johnson - I'll Run Your Hurt Away


  1. Betty LaVette - You Killed The Love
  2. Chris Kenner - Time
  3. Sam And Dave - I Got Everything
  4. Earl Gaines - The Best Of Luck To You
  5. Lanny Hunt - I Can't Say I Love You
  6. Dori Grayson - Try Love


  1. Solomon Burke - Time Is A Thief
  2. Doris Duke - I Don't Care Anymore
  3. Lee Moses - I'm Sad About It
  4. Betty Swann - My Heart Is Closed For The Season
  5. Cookie Gabriel - I'll Never Love Again
  6. Miracles - Don't Leave Me