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Polaroid SX-70


What can we say about this camera that hasn’t been? There are classic cameras, and then there are legends like this. The world’s very first instant SLR camera, these were made by Polaroid in Cambridge, MA from 1972-1981. Folding up for easy storage, think of this as the OG iPhone, only better, because instead of digitizing things it captures actual light from every moment shot, preserving it in silver halide between two sheets of acetate for future perusal. Magic, right? These cameras have been everywhere from fashion cover shoots to outer space, and there’s nothing more instantly nostalgia-inducing than the sound of a Polaroid firing and ejecting. Polaroid itself went out of business a while ago, but a group of intrepid photography lovers bought one of their old factories and reverse-engineered the film under the name The Impossible Project. They’ve done such a good job that now they’re licensing the name Polaroid Originals, and their SX-70 film (which shoots at ISO 160) is available in color and black and white. One warning – they only have eight shots per pack instead of the traditional ten, but it’s well worth it to keep these classic cameras in circulation. This one was recently run through by the wizards at Brooklyn Film Camera, and is working perfectly, with a bright manual focus rangefinder, clean ejector wheels, and functional light meter. Handy leather satchel – an original accessory! – included and in excellent condition.