Niquinho (Carmo de Minas, Brazil)

Niquinho (Carmo de Minas, Brazil)

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Luis Paulo Dias Pereira

Yellow Bourbon

1100 - 1300 MASL


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Hazelnut, Golden Raisin, Dark Chocolate, Nobody's Fool

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Collaborative Coffee Source

Brazil is the breadbasket of coffee. It's far and away the world's largest producer of coffee, but unfortunately Brazil often gets a bad rap for generating coffees of lower quality. That's simply not the case, especially in the southeastern highlands of Carmo de Minas. The elevation is higher than in other parts of Brazil, and the corresponding affect on cup quality is immediately evident. This honey process lot from Luis Paulo Dias Pereira has everything you want in a great cup of coffee. It's a super clean, easy-drinking treat that tastes like dried fruit, dark chocolate, and nuts.

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