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Kedvin Moreno (Santa Barbara, Honduras)

Kedvin Moreno (Santa Barbara, Honduras)

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Kedvin Moreno


1540 MASL

Fully Washed

We hear: 
Black Cherry, Honeysuckle, Plum, Patience

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Collaborative Coffee Source

The Morenos are kind of a big deal. They were some of the first in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras to embrace specialty coffee, adapting their washing and drying infrastructures and practices with an eye to quality before it had paid off for anyone else around them. It seems like the whole Moreno family lives in the town of El Cedral, and it also seems like the whole town of El Cedral are Morenos. When we visited El Cedral this past January, we were greeted by a group of between 10-20 men, women, and children, all Morenos, all farming coffee on or around the hills of the town. Everyone that we met with were proud of their coffee’s quality and excited about the next steps they were taking to grow their business, be it buying new land, planting new varietals, or helping their neighbors to get into the specialty market. This place and this family are truly special; not just for the beautiful, clean, fruity coffee that they produce but for the environment of support, innovation, and enthusiasm that they cultivate as well. We are pretty proud to be offering their coffee!

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