Grace Morales (San José de Minas, Ecuador) 12oz bags

Grace Morales (San José de Minas, Ecuador) 12oz bags

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Grace Morales

Washed: Caturra, Sidra

Semi-Washed: Caturra

1450 MASL

Washed / Semi-Washed

We hear: 
Washed: Citrus, Pear, Butterscotch, Darkness and Cold

Semi-Washed: Asian Pear, Berry, Sugar Cookie, That's Just the Way That I Feel

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It's a strange time of year for fresh coffees since most origins are in between harvests, but Ecuador provides coffees that are simply winter's best gift. Our friends at Caravela were really excited to share with us one of their new offerings from producer Grace Morales in Pichincha. Coffee is a new addition to Grace's 350 hectare farm, and the young trees make up only 5 hectares. The yields are still quite small as the trees are still maturing, but the quality is incredibly exciting. The semi-washed lot is 100 percent Caturra, which means a small portion of the coffee fruit is left on while the coffee dries. Farmers utilize this process to impart a more fruited quality on the coffee while retaining the clarity and cleanliness of a washed coffee. Grace's semi-washed lot is incredibly complex, with crisp clean fruit like Asian Pear and a deep, mouthwatering sweetness. The washed lot is a blend of Sidra and Caturra, though in the future Grace hopes to separate her lots into individual varietals. We were absolutely gobsmacked by the clarity and sweetness of her coffee, and we hope to be serving much more of it in the future.

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